AAG CFP: Geographies of Media

Call for Papers
Geographies of Media
Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
2012 AAG Annual Meeting, New York, February 24th – 28th Last Day for Session Registration: September 28, 2011
Please note that sessions will likely fill earlier than the final deadline.

Sponsored by Aether: The Journal of Media Geography

We are seeking papers that examine geographies of cinema, television, music, art, advertising, the Internet, newspapers and magazines, video and animation etc.  These sessions should include contributions to current issues surrounding these media, beginning with constructions of space & place, cultural, society, and identity.
We are hoping to present a wide range of both topic and context and seek participants interested in the geographical implications – social, political, cultural, and economic – that are often contained within the spaces and places of different forms of media. Media extend beyond their original form and so papers should also envision these geographies as part of a broader industrial and political complex in which culture is an economic commodity set within the broader frame of a global and postmodern era, and with the links between these realms and our daily lived experiences, from our cities to streets to living rooms to imaginations. These contexts invite inquiries into the production, distribution, exhibition, and consumption of all types of media and we encourage critical, pedagogical and discursive contributions. We would also welcome inquiries from anyone wishing to assemble a special themed session or act as a discussant in a session.
To present a paper you must do the following before September 28, 2011:
1. Compose an abstract following the AAG guidelines
2.  Register online with the AAG to obtain a personal ID number
3.  Email Presenter Identification Number (PIN) and abstract to:
Chris Lukinbeal (chris.lukinbeal@arizona.edu)

For further information please contact:
• Chris Lukinbeal
• Jim Craine (jwc53531@csun.edu)
• Jason Dittmer (j.dittmer@ucl.ac.uk)


~ by Jason Dittmer on July 26, 2011.

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