Two new editions of Aether: The Journal of Media Geography

Two New Editions of Aether: The Journal of Media Geography

Aether: The Journal of Media Geography

Volume Eight A: September 2011

Current articles on the relationship of media and geography including a discussion on the work of Donna Haraway. Also featuring Harald Bauder’s deconstruction of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Rabbit/Duck and Marcia England’s insight into

Rabbit and Duck

Harald Bauder


Marcia England

The Pain and Exultation of Representing Place

Joshua P. Ewalt

Cyborg Spaces and Monstrous Places

Wilson, Hockey, Craine, Fawcett, Oberhauser, Roe and Warkentin

Interpreting the City

April Lindgren

Book Review: City of Rhetoric

Ron Davidson


Volume Eight B: September 2011

The power of representation, as Debord understood so well, is not so much in what it portrays, but in what it conceals – and today media undoubtedly is the most powerful adjudicator and disseminator of what is to be shown and what is to be hidden. It is in this context that this special issue on media geography and the Middle East can be best understood.

The Middle of Where?

Giorgio Hadi Curti (Guest Editor)

Frank Miller’s 300

Murat Es

Nationality Undefined

Linda Quiquivix and Giorgio Hadi Curti

Bellydancing, Bombs, and Back Beats

Maytha Alhassen

The Face of Danger

Karen Culcasi and Mahmut Gokmen

From Cyberspace to The World

El Hadi Jazairy

A Note of Remembrance of Mahmut Gokmen

Necati Anaz and Karen Culcasi


~ by Jason Dittmer on October 31, 2011.

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